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Pournami According to hindu lunar calendar, pournami is the day when moon and sun comes in 180 degrees . On this day, maximum illumination of moon by sun's ray will occur. Hence moon looks so brightly on the day of pournami. Hindus believed worshiping of god on this day is very important. Every lunar month, on the day of pournami, people undergo fasting, do poojas and worship god by offering neivedhyam. Performing "Sathya Naryana" pooja on this day is very special.

Though pournami comes in every month, some pournami are very special namely chitra pournami, vagasi visagam and karthigai deepam. The pournami which comes in the month of march or april is called chitra pournami. Hindus worship Lord Siva and Lord Chitragupta. In some places, Lord Shiva will be carried in the chariot decorated with full of flowers(puspapalak). This puspapalak is very famous in some Shiva temples.
Vaigasi visagam is a hindu festival which falls on the day of pournami that comes in the month of april or may. This pournami is very special for the Lord Muruga. So devotees worship and make poojas for Lord Muruga. Karthiga Deepam is very auspious for hindus. It falls on the day of pournami which comes in the month of october or november. People light diyas all over the house and worship god.

In Thiruvannamalai, Bharani deepam is lighted on top of the hill which holds special significance. In some places, kids will burst crackers on this day. Due to maximum illumination of moon, the positive radiation of energy is also high. So lakhs of people will perform girivalam(going around the holy mountain) on the day of pournami. Girivalam is performed in Thiruvannamalai, Thirukazhukundram and some places. People undergo fasting, worship and offer neivedhyam. Hindus believe that worhiping of God on this day will give them more postive energy and good health.